Dear All,
Thank you to all who attended the presentations regarding LinkAble’s future on 23rd May. At the presentations we advised people that we had received notice that we would be losing the majority of the funding that we currently receive for our adult services. This leaves us with a significant shortfall in our funding and we are having to make some changes to ensure that we continue to provide these vital services.
We have already taken steps to address the shortfall in funding, by reducing expenditure on overheads and increasing fundraising targets, but we must also increase the prices that our service users pay to attend the groups from 1st August 2016. This was a tough but necessary decision. We know that this will be a difficult period of change for all and throughout everything, we would like to reassure you that our top priority is to ensure LinkAble continues to support local people with learning disabilities.
You can find the presentation from Monday and an easy read version on the links below.
Easy Read

We had many positive conversations on Monday and there were lots of ideas for how we could improve the develop the services we offer, we will be considering all of these over the next few weeks.
If you would like to discuss any of this or you have any concerns about these changes, particularly if you think you might struggle to afford the higher prices then please contact the LinkAble team on 01483 770037 or
The LinkAble Team
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