Would you like to jump out of a plane for LinkAble? Yes, you read that right, in April 2016, we've booked a charity skydive to raise money for our work. We're hoping to get together a big group of 'jumpers' who can help us make this our biggest fundraising challenge yet! More details are below so if this sounds like something you're up for, or you have any questions, please contact the office, 01483 770037 or info@linkable.org.uk as soon as possible.

When, Where and What

- Saturday 30th April 2016 (bank holiday weekend.)

- Arrival time 10am. (This is not the actual jump time, there’s admin and training first!) We will coordinate travel for anyone who would like it.

- 7-8 people can go up at any one time.

- The location for the jump is on the outskirts of Salisbury.

- The jump will be tandem from 10,000 feet, which is approximately 30 seconds of freefall.


- Jumpers have to be aged 16+. Anyone aged 16-18 will need written parental consent.

- Jumpers aged over 40 or with medical conditions will need written doctor’s consent.

- The maximum possible weight for jumpers is 18 stone while fully clothed. There are also three levels of surcharge for those weighing 15-16, 16-17 or 17-18 stone.

Booking & Fundraising

- Jumpers must book their place directly through GoSkyDive at which point they must pay a deposit of £50. This deposit is non-refundable.

- We are then asking jumpers to raise a minimum of £400. This covers the remaining cost of the jump as well as raising funds for us too.

- We’ll set up an online giving page for the jump which people can join so we'll help you with all the fundraising "admin"!

- Jumpers will be able to purchase optional extras for themselves such as a video of their jump or pictures.

The skydive company's website has more general info as well as a useful T&Cs page.

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