LinkAble is delighted to announce that we have been awarded £303,048 by the Big Lottery Fund!

This funding allows us to run a 3 year project called Engaging Adult Lives, starting in autumn 2013. Beginning with the official opening of the new Linkafé, LinkAble will offer adults with learning disabilities a place to socialise, make new friends and gain new skills. Service users will also be supported to volunteer, get work experience and seek paid employment.

LinkAble Managing Director Bob Stevens celebrated the news; “It is wonderful to give another level of support for our members. Adults with learning disabilities often have limited access to social interaction, training and education, preventing them from making the most of their lives. However, there is no reason why a learning disability should prevent people from living fulfilled, inclusive and meaningful lives.”

In 2012 we spoke with our adult service users to get a good understanding of their lives and what LinkAble can do to help them. Many said that they didn’t have much to do during the day and had no opportunities for getting new skills or finding work.  Having something to do during the day would “make our lives way better”.

With the official opening of the Linkafé, adult service users will be welcome to drop-in during the week to grab a snack, have a chat and surf the web. Each day we will hold a workshop or activity, including health and fitness, independent living, gardening and cooking, and IT skills. There will also be new things to do and learn!

We hope that the project will help our service users increase confidence, gain independence and seek new opportunities to improve their quality of life.

More details about Engaging Adult Lives will come soon and we look forward to sharing our exciting plans with you. Like everything at LinkAble, throughout the Big Lottery project our focus will be on fun!
About LinkAble and the Big Lottery

The Big Lottery Fund is the largest distributor of National Lottery good cause funding, and is committed to bringing real improvements to the lives of people most in need in the UK. This generous funding will allow LinkAble to provide a fantastic new service for adults with learning disabilities.

We also run many services for children and teenagers, and we remain dependent on the generosity and support of local organisations and businesses to continue providing these vital services.

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